Inconsistent punishment

Let me preface this with yes, I was arrested for the same thing. I find the sentence and the deal that the trustee from Kingsley received to be very telling of just how the courts work in our area — connections are everything. He refused a breath test, which should be automatic six months suspension I believe, and he had other charges dropped: 100 mph reckless driving with no probation because he was sorry.

I did not refuse anything but asked for a warrant before a blood draw — automatic six months without license and it was explained to my lawyer that "no deals for him because he films the police,” so I was also put on probation and had to bow down to the probation officers once a week.

Why is it that when one is very critical of an out-of-control local government and not part of it in some fashion that the punishment for the same crime is so much worse? Do I tick them off too much for telling the truth? Before any haters say I'm just crying, I'm not.

I just wish to point out the inconsistencies in sentencing depending on who you are.

Jon Bush

Traverse City

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