Catholic Church conflict

I was raised Catholic. I went to Catholic grade school, attended daily mass, received the sacraments and have a sister who is a nun. My dad took me to devotions, and our pastor would bless our home annually. Of course my family ate fish every Friday, observed all fasts and took on the ashes of Lent. I was raised Catholic.

Having espoused my background, it is with some reservation that my thoughts on what is happening in my church come with sorrowful reflection.

The role of women in the Catholic Church and its intolerance toward gays overwhelm me. Celibacy as a requirement of priesthood certainly restrains good and righteous men and women from a place on the altar.

Add to my dismay are the one issue Catholics and fundamentalists who choose pro-life as their rationale for thinking while not speaking up on the killing of death row inmates, the demonizing of Muslims and the separation of children from their families at our southern border.

When intimately talking with my friends about my confusion and disappointment within my church, one replied, “Stay. Be part of the change.”

Mary Bousamra

Traverse City

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