Republicans separate from Trump

The facts can’t be rewritten. Donald Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, his invitation to a protest in Washington, D.C. the day the vote would be certified, and his goading the crowd to the Capitol building with fighting words are the facts. Another fact is that he refused to tell his crowd to stop the insurrection in the Capitol until his legal advisors made him, and it was lukewarm then at best.

The most recent fact is that Senate Republicans acquitted Trump in an impeachment trial due to a technicality that the impeachment of a former president is unconstitutional. The fact is that most constitutional scholars disagree.

The fact that Senate Republicans let Trump off in a prior impeachment trial by refusing to let witnesses be called proves that congressional Republicans are desperate to cling to power and will put party over country.

The most alarming fact is that our democracy is deeply damaged. Any despot like Donald Trump that rises to power will remember that a sycophantic congress will support incitement of insurrection.

My Republican friends, face the facts; you need to distance yourself forever from Trump and his ilk to regain your integrity as American patriots.

Thad Bousamra

Suttons Bay

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