U.S. takes pride in elections

We take pride, as Americans, in being an example for the world, especially when it comes to elections. Our workers of both parties and independents in townships, counties across the nation take pride in honest elections. We also have observers from all parties observing the counting of the votes. Why won’t our president of the last four years admit an honest election? President Donald Trump had 306 electoral votes in 2016, and said he won by a landslide. Dictators will find vindication in what Donald Trump is doing in not accepting the results of this election. Now 10 days after the election, President-elect Joe Biden has 306 electoral votes.

Trump is totally blocking the new transition, which should have started days ago. Almost all Republican elected officials are afraid of speaking up in fear of Trump’s tweets. The smooth transition of power would certainly help our national security, as well as, the health of our nation in fighting this COVID-19 virus.

We need more Republicans with a backbone to stand up to Trump’s destructive behavior. Since these Republicans don’t seem to exist, we need to elect Democrats and independents in our next election.

Bill Bos


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