No time to lose

Thanks to the Record-Eagle for printing LTEs and forum columns on the climate crisis. Now is the time for all Michigan voters to send emails to all three of our legislators and President Joe Biden to encourage support of House Resolution 2307, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Besides putting a price on carbon at the source and returning dividends to American households, this bill also starts to make strides for Environmental Justice (EJ).

It is well-documented that low-income communities are seriously and disproportionately affected by carbon pollution. We may all know that carbon and methane emissions cause respiratory disease and cancer, but how many of us realize that small and large particulate pollution is a significant factor in heart attacks?

As a registered nurse who worked for 30 years in cardiology, mostly at Munson Medical Center, I can tell you that we are so fortunate in northern Michigan to not have heavy industry affecting our health nearly as much as my former patients in the Detroit and Flint areas. There's no time to lose in legislating for the climate crisis and EJ.

Kathleen Birdsall

Traverse City

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