Fatuous, self-important commissioners

In regard to the latest resolution from our taxpayer-funded band of fatuous but self-important county commissioners, the citizens of Grand Traverse County can take heart that this is a meaningless document with a mandate of "does not encourage" rendering it vague and unenforceable. The ratio of primary care physicians to population is about 1:2,500 so it's an impossible proposal. More than 4.82 billion COVID-19 vaccination injections have been given almost universally without specific physician input.

Unless these commissioners believe that the entire world is in a cabal to not release unflattering data, the vaccine is safe and effective. Do these uncritically thinking commissioners believe that you just roll in line and get an injection? A brief medical history and a list of allergies are required before the jab.

So these people, totally out of their depth, are actually taking a pro-disease stance since they are deliberately slowing down the process that has to occur before the population is safe from a virus driven to mutate quicker than we can respond.

So, if you think chronic COVID infection in the population is a good thing for schools and business, support your county commissioners who couldn't get out of a wet paper bag.

Susan Bender

Traverse City

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