Senior Center location matters

How can senior citizens get the Grand Traverse County commissioners to support a new senior center at its current location on West Bay? In 2019, seniors were presented with a plan developed by Grand Traverse County, Traverse City and Friends of the Senior Center. The seniors overwhelmingly chose to keep the center at its current location, best meeting their needs.

However, at the last moment, the county commissioners decided not to support the plan, not trusting the city. At a planning committee meeting April 29, it was indicated the area agency on aging needs a new building, choosing a building to house both programs on Lafranier Road.

However, these two programs are significantly different. Grand Traverse identifies as an excellent place for retirees due to its fabulous natural setting. Would retirees be more likely to move to the area with the center on West Bay, or Lafranier “location, location, location!”? Build a new building for the agency on aging on Lafranier for office space and storage providing medical programs. The new senior center is different, best built on the bay for the enjoyment of seniors. Many seniors cannot afford living on West Bay but appreciate meeting and socializing there.

Ken Beck

Traverse City

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