Human rights issue

People all around the world must realize by now that gun violence in the United States of America has risen to the level of a human rights issue — a human rights crisis.

The right to bear arms is not a human right but a constitutional right, a privilege. If "the right to bear arms" were a human right, no one could be barred from owning guns including children, felons and the mentally ill. And while our Constitution is being upheld, the rights of every citizen to live free of gun violence must also be honored. Citizens need to be protected by our government.

We are not living in wartime in the USA. But the PTSD runs high right now — we are experiencing domestic terrorism from individuals and groups who stoke fear. Gun violence has become a human rights violation. We need unified sustained activism against gun violence.

Now is the time to act; now is the time to come together with peaceful activism for our right to life.

“My country 'tis of thee, please protect me and protect my human right to be free of gun violence.”

Marti Alvarez

Traverse City

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