Smart and skilled

She’s spent hours on our doorsteps and more hours in house-groups, listening to us talk about potholes we dodge, the education we want for our kids, the way we run our business, the water we worry about, the way we view politics. Her name is Betsy Coffia. She’s running for state representative. She has no IOUs to PACS, interest groups, out-of-state folks - just us, the people. When she reports back it will be to us, the people. She’s smart; she’s skilled; she knows us. I’m voting for Betsy Coffia.

Stan VerHeul

Traverse City

Years of experience

Please join me and vote for Larry Inman for State Representative. My family has owned a small business in Traverse City since 1967 and we need someone with qualifications representing us in Lansing. His 22 years of experience as a County Commissioner as well as serving on the Commission on Aging Board show he’s well versed on the issues facing our area. We can’t risk letting someone who has zero real world experience represent us in Lansing.

Mr. Inman has what it takes to keep our community moving forward. Vote for Larry Inman Nov. 4.

Barb Ackerman

Traverse City

A shameful lie

The latest trash Jerry Cannon ad tries to paint Jerry as supporting the Affordable Care Act because he has received money from Nancy Pelosi, trying to paint him as being bought into the liberal camp.

As an active volunteer for Jerry I know this claim to be absolutely false. Yes, Jerry supports the ACA. Yes, Jerry has accepted support from high-level democratic donors. But Jerry has always supported the ACA. To say that he now supports certain positions because of these donations is a shameful lie from a desperate and deceitful opponent.

Bill Brown

Traverse City

‘Creative accounting’ 

In schools throughout our area vital programs like music, art, reading support, vocational education and athletics are being diminished if not eliminated due to Snyder’s and Franz’s education cuts.

Now they have the gall to use Enron-style “creative accounting” to claim they’ve given more money to education. But the proof of their cuts is in the classrooms. In spite of the word games they play with their accountants, they clearly have chosen to balance their budgets on the backs of our real future, our children.

Peggy Raddatz


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