Unwilling to believe

I am unwilling to believe there is nothing we can do as a country to lower gun violence. I am also unwilling to believe that 30,000 Americans killed each year is an acceptable level of violence. There must be some options that even the far right and the far left can agree upon.

A recent letter claimed that we do not need more laws, but I disagree. Does anyone think that criminals or the mentally disturbed should have guns? If a background check is reasonable when a gun is purchased from a licensed dealer, it is just as reasonable when it is a private seller. Universal background checks are common sense. I am a responsible gun owner but the National Rifle Association does not speak for me. I am quite capable of thinking for myself.

Hal LaLonde

Traverse City

A salary increase?

So the Grand Traverse County board thinks that by voting themselves an $850 "stipend" to buy iPads or laptops they can convince the voters they're saving money. It looks a lot like a salary increase, which under Michigan law wouldn't be legal until 2015 at the earliest (commissioners can't increase their compensation during their term of office).

And why did Christine Maxbauer vote for it? Hasn't she claimed that she opposes any increase in spending for any reason?

Mary Jean McLin

Traverse City

A spectacular space

The interest in the arts and the level of participation from Traverse City (and local area) artists is a wonderful feature to life here. Having a permanent home for the Artcenter Traverse City at the barn location would be such an asset to the community. Space is always an issue with art and the barn would offer spectacular space. Location is also an issue, and this convenient location is also a real plus. I support this proposal for the use of the barn and am committed to helping it happen.

Marilyn Dresser

Traverse City

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