Bergman vote of HR 489

The explanation of Bergman’s “no” vote on HR 489 condemning Trump’s racist remarks toward members of Congress missed the challenge to all congressional officeholders.

The GOP caucus mistakenly defended the president’s fiery rhetoric. Rather, Bergman should’ve recognized this as more significant than a partisan personal attack on Democratic outspoken minority women.

Trump’s assault on duly elected members of Congress diminished the stature of all who serve Americans and who occasionally become prominent advocates for unpopular people, causes, policies and laws.

The president’s disrespectful, harmful and racist speech toward Congress cannot be ignored or unchallenged. One should respect a congressperson’s and president’s office at least until the next election.

POTUS may possess a megaphone, but Congress needs the opportunity, authority, respect and bully pulpit given to officeholders. It’s part of their job.

Congress must not forsake its rightful roles by acquiescing to an executive without limits or shame.

Bergman hid among overtly partisan and cowardly GOP caucus members when a true officer and a gentleman would recognize the affront and not-so-veiled challenge to the role of Congress. A man of conscience would defend his colleagues’ status and honor and the institution where he serves constituents and the Constitution.

Douglas Whitley


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