Let’s have justice here

Thanks to Craig Mosher for his letter (July 19) about Terry Starr. I volunteered in the Cherryland Middle School Library just as they were beginning the process to become an IB school. Terry was leading this and I think it is a wonderful program. I worked for 10 years in the Birmingham Schools under good principals and an amazing superintendent. Terry was equal, in my opinion, to all of them.

There was teamwork in the school with staff, Terry, students and parents. Terry was available; listened; had relationships with the students, staff and parents; and cared about the community. It seemed from what I saw that he was a good listener and respectful to all with great integrity. I never at any time felt that Terry was hiding anything or not being transparent.

The reasoning for prosecution in the Record-Eagle articles weren't logical to me and did not ring true with what I saw — nor does the delay in the case. September is coming up fast and if they had the goods when the case was brought, then why no progression in the case?

I apologize to Terry for not having the courage and taking the time to write this letter sooner.

Jacqueline Shea Thiel

Elk Rapids

Respect for others lacking

Recently I was driving down Garfield Avenue when a fairly new, silver pickup passed me, very aggressively revving the engine. I figured I must have been driving my usual, pokey speed. However, the car, now in the left lane, slowed almost to a stop so that I was alongside in no time. The passenger wound down his window and screamed a racial obscenity. I was so shocked and, quite frankly frightened, that I failed to get a license. I can only assume that the 7-year-old bumper sticker for a former president elicited this response.

Wow! What provokes someone to do this to a 70-year-old white woman in a VW bug? What have we come to? What does this tell us about the fear felt by all minorities today? Where do we go from here? We all need to pause ... to have a better country we need to look at the values that were established by our ancestors: equality, tolerance and respect for each other are the foundation of our union. Our failure to respect these values leads to the end of a civilized society, even here in little Traverse City.

Christie McGue

Traverse City

10 questions

To those people who lean/prefer/vote Republican, I have a short and simple “yes or no” questionnaire for you:

1. Is it okay to insult?

2. Is it okay to name call?

3. Is it okay to disparage the handicap or deceased?

4. Is it okay to encourage violence and hate?

5. Is it okay to not follow the law?

6. Is it okay to not pay your creditors?

7. Is it okay to lie?

8. Is it okay to persecute people for their beliefs?

9. Is it okay to marginalize people not like you?

10. Is it okay to cheat on your spouse?

If you answered “no” to all or most of these questions, my next question is how in the he** can you continue to support the person who holds the office of president of the United States? Is this person really representative of your beliefs and desires? Can you honestly separate the man's behaviors from the office he holds? I believe one is not exclusive of the other. He brings disgrace to the office he holds — and to the country (my country— born and raised!) it represents.

Connie Rumbach