Refugee children

The responsibility for the abuse of children on our border lands squarely in the lap of Donald Trump — for it has been the conduct of his administration that has carried out this horrific mistreatment. To shrug your shoulders and call it simply the punishment families deserve for crossing borders illegally is to expose your own intolerance. Or if you consider yourself a religious person and still consider this abuse OK, it is time to examine your conscience. This crisis transcends allegiance to a country. It comes down to simply one question: is this how ANY country should behave toward captured children, much less the wealthiest country in the world?

Celeste M. Crouch

Glen Arbor

Government chaos

Trump’s chaotic administration policies — including immigration, tweets, acting officials and micromanaging government — have cast a dark cloud over this country. Trump blames the Democrats including Obama for all the problems he has created. If you wonder why nothing gets done in Congress, look to the self-named “grim reaper” McConnell who is holding up 140 pieces of legislation passed by the House. So why are Republicans giving Trump a blank check to continue this chaos? Just a thought!

Ron Dykstra


Growth in TC

I grew up in Traverse City and graduated from TCHS. Over the years I have returned on a regular basis to visit family and friends. It has not surprised me that the world has discovered TC. It has always been God's country to me and I have always talked about it with great pride. When I think of Traverse, I think of the miniature village and the zoo. I think of the Grandview Parkway, the Beach, the Marina, Hickory Hills and of course, the Park Place. All these past and present landmarks show the love and wisdom expressed by local leaders in making decisions that added to and shaped our community.

It is with heavy heart that I must now relate my feelings about the town and its future growth. I am talking about zoning that allows some of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen, which are being built directly against the sidewalks of East Front Street. Someone in the planning department is selling out to fast, ugly development. And that will become the new image of this once great town. I hope others who agree will speak up.

Richard Swan

Reno, Nevada