Send him back

No matter how heartsick you feel about Donald Trump’s recent tweets, remember that in November 2020, all the United States citizens can send him back to Florida — back to his monument to poor taste, if it is not under sea water from his non-climate change.

Dianne Carlton

Traverse City

Freedom of expression

The photograph of the sign in front of a church in Appomattox, Virginia on page A5 of the Sunday, July 21 edition caught my eye. On the sign was the statement “AMERICA: LOVE OR LEAVE IT.” The author of the statement obviously has no perception of what our founding fathers had in mind regarding a citizen’s right to freedom of expression. Citizens, including the author, are not required to forgo the right to express a negative opinion as the price of continued residence within our country’s borders.

Thanks to our founding fathers, the author need not pack up his or her belongings and leave the land of the free due to the hateful statement expressed for all the world to see.

Peter J. Zirnhelt

Traverse City