Don’t push so hard

So you love this beautiful area; we all do. There is an attitude permeating the population here, some old and established and some brought in with new residents. Don’t tell me what to do, how to do it, the hours, rules, regulations, ordinances, etc., don’t apply to me. It has very little to do with politics. Some elitists, some from old established generations of families in farm communities, some from business with money or people with money saying I’m here and I don’t have to comply with your out-of-date ideals and ideas. Consequently, a lot of visions are turning bad with failed projects, or should we say splash pads that run brown water on our children.

Maybe it’s time to quit pushing the envelope so much and let things evolve. Remember when you push so hard for things and you get to the end of where you think you should be, things don’t look quite so good for the vision you perceived you wanted. Food for thought.

Thomas Vert

Traverse City

Understand Agenda 21

On July 11 a citizen presented a review of the United Nations Agenda 21 program to Antrim County’s commissioners and sheriff. Agenda 21 is an extreme U.N. environmental program being implemented across the nation, Michigan and the Traverse City area through the group known as International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This group has initiatives in over 600 cities/counties nationwide, with two based in the Traverse City area. The Northwest Michigan Council of Governments is I.C.L.E.I., USA’s Midwest pilot regional affiliate, with its “Grand Vision” affecting our area. While their message of clean air and water is attractive, with titles such as “Sustainable Development,” one must look at the methodology they propose to improve our environment. Once the good-sounding titles are peeled away, one discovers that if Agenda 21 is fully implemented, it will violate our U.S. Constitution, infringe on our national/state/local sovereignty and strip away our personal property rights. Citizens need to understand Agenda 21 ... this extreme U.N. initiative is being implemented and give clear mandates to local government officials to reject Agenda 21 and protect our constitutional rights, sovereignty and personal property rights.

Dan Sagady


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