Gas tax

The governor proposes raising the gas tax 45 cents. Who would this impact? Not the electric car driver. Not those who ride the bus. But everyone benefits from good roads, whether they drive or not. Groceries are delivered to the store by roads; school buses deliver children to school by roads, ambulances, Amazon, the mailman, the paper delivery, etc.

We all should pay for the roads. In 2015, a proposal to raise the sales tax 1 percent for the roads was defeated at the polls. Now four years later, the governor has made us listen. A 1 percent sales tax increase, dedicated to the roads that will not be raided for other uses, should be reconsidered. If you agree, please contact your state representative and senator.

Carolyn Boger



I have never lived under a rock, but your front-page article on “Ope” certainly tried to make me believe that I have!

I am a Midwesterner, born in Peoria, grew up in central Illinois and Chicago, graduated from an Illinois university and now live in Michigan. In between, I have also lived in PA, MA and CA, but never heard your headline word until read your Page 1 article.

Surely, there are more important things to write about. I am a proud resident of the beautiful Victorian city of Manistee and have never heard the word spoken here! I hear “Oops” everywhere and fully understand culturally variable language. Having lived in Lancaster, PA, I heard all about people needing to “red up” their area — meaning to clean up or straighten up an area.

So, I take exception that Ope is “the Midwest’s most common three-letter utterance”

Seems to me the correct answer is “Hey.”

Patrick Huffman


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