Tax the speculators

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that top Wall Street financiers got a raise in pay again in 2010. What? That gives them even more money to buy congressional members' votes, more money to buy cheaply the mortgages that have been foreclosed. How can we halt them?

Tax them! The anger that erupted in the many tea parties should be directed at the super rich.

The Tobin Tax suggested by Nobel Laureate economist James Tobin would help in more than one way. It would tax foreign-currency exchange transactions, thereby cushioning their exchange-rate fluctuations, dissuading speculations, (those speculators in the 90s caused crises in Mexico, Southeast Asia and Russia). And, it would provide the U.S. with additional income from speculators and the very rich.

Marian Gyr


Restore reverence for life

The article on Nov. 20 regarding the find of 2,000 fetuses at a temple in Thailand was very disturbing. Just prior to reading that article I read online that in October, someone discovered at least 17 unborn babies in an abortion clinic Dumpster in the Lansing area. The discovery led to an investigation by the Michigan attorney general and the Eaton and Saginaw counties sheriff's departments. The bodies were found with the medical records of the mothers who had the abortions. These 17 babies were given a proper funeral service recently with nearly 1,000 people in attendance.

Pro-life legislators have promised to work on legislation to prohibit the practice of dumping the remains of abortive babies into a dumpster.

We are entering the season of Christmas. God himself came to us as a baby in a cold, dark stable in Bethlehem. Let us pray this Christmas that reverence for life will be restored in America and around the world.

Betty Kunkel

Traverse City

The writer is administrative assistant for Grand Traverse Area Right To Life.

An interesting statistic

I'm curious to know the percentage of the Record-Eagle's subscribers who voted on the new comic strip compared to the number of registered voters in the Eagle's coverage area who voted in the last election.

It could be an interesting statistic.

George W. Barker


Check disposal rules

In response to Michael H. MacCready's Nov. 12 letter, "Septage fee is criminal," Mr. MacCready only has part of the facts.

Septic waste pumped outside of Grand Traverse County (and Elmwood Township in Leelanau County) does not have to be taken to the Grand Traverse septage-treatment plant. Septage haulers have different options for disposal. Michigan law states that septage pumped within 25 radial miles of a septage-treatment facility must be disposed of at a septage-treatment facility. It does not state which facility it must be taken to.

Also, some haulers have also taken action that allows them to keep applying at land application sites until 2025, even if the septage is pumped within that 25-mile radius. Only septage pumped within Grand Traverse County and Elmwood Township in Leelanau County is required to be taken to the Grand Traverse septage-treatment facility.

Homeowners located outside of Grand Traverse County should check with multiple haulers to ensure they are getting the best disposal rate available.

Gerald S. Endres


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