'Overwhelming response'

I would like to respond to the June 19 letter from Jan Pezzi regarding the Cherryland Humane Society. While I understand the frustration of not getting through quickly when phoning, one needs to realize the reason. Because of the overwhelming response of our compassionate and concerned public, the phones were very busy.

There were only four phones, which were manned by wonderful volunteers. While it may have been inconvenient to keep calling back and then find out credit card numbers could not be taken at that time because of security issues, people were very understanding. I appreciate the frustration and impatience, but return calls were made as quickly as possible from secure phones to protect privacy.

Mike Cherry is a hardworking, caring person who puts his private life on hold to work for the animals. There is nothing lackadaisical about his attitude or work ethic.

Cheryl Morgan

Traverse City

Beck is 'honest, intelligent'

The Record-Eagle's recent page two picture of Glenn Beck and his reported "burn out" was too biased to be a report.

I found Mr. Beck to be intelligent, honest and truly concerned about our country and providing news not available elsewhere.

Donald B. Jocks


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