Preserve food systems

It is time for each of us to take action on climate change to preserve our food system.

During the month of April the amount of carbon in the atmosphere averaged greater than 400 ppm. Anyone listening to the news knows climate shifts have already begun, droughts and floods are having an impact on food today.

Studies show that plants grown in high carbon dioxide atmospheric conditions have lower nutrients, and that weeds will out-compete food crops under climate change. These realities will further complicate our ability to feed people a healthy diet if we don’t reduce our emissions.

We need to put a price on carbon and return the proceeds to the people. Opponents of more regulation by the Environmental Protection Agency should embrace this market-based approach that is favored by a number of prominent conservatives. It is our responsibility to work together for a livable world.

Rep. Benishek welcomes comment and feedback from his constituents. Join me in letting him know that we need a climate leader, and he can be one by championing such a bill in Congress.

Kelly Lively

Maple City

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