Health care issues

Keeping consumers at the front of the health care debate is more important than ever as Americans continue to rank health care costs as their top concern, according to a recent Ipsos-Consumers for Quality Care (CQC) poll. The challenges that health care consumers face are wide-ranging. Seventy-six percent of Michiganders are frustrated by unexpected hospital fees and bills, and 86 percent seek more clarity on what is covered under their insurance. Black Americans also face greater barriers to care than white voters do, with a recent survey finding that Black Americans and other people of color are more likely to delay care because of cost.

Issues like a lack of price transparency within the system and racial and ethnic disparities concern patients around the country, regardless of political affiliation. It is imperative that American leaders take note and work to implement real solutions to alleviate such concerns. CQC’s new Candidate’s Guide can help give our Democratic presidential hopefuls a greater understanding of what consumers want, and we urge them to continue to focus on solutions to these issues that provide quality, affordable care for Americans.

Donna Christensen

Catharpin, Virginia