The biggest sin

In answer to Mr. Don Dierkes (July 25), who said Republicans will end up in “Dante’s Inferno”

The biggest sin in our USA is abortion. We have murdered more children by abortion than this country lost soldiers in all our wars.

Democratic leaders no longer hide their contempt for Christians who are pro-life. So Mr. Dierkes, I don’t plan on Hell for being a pro-life Republican.

Virginia Johnson

Traverse City

Supreme Court won’t stop us

The Supreme Court recently legalized partisan gerrymandering. This means that we the people have to take gerrymandering reform into our own hands.

In 2018, four states passed citizen ballot measures to end gerrymandering. This shows a growing movement to make sure that we create district lines, not manipulating lawmakers.

Dylan Jones

Traverse City

Inman should resign

The MI House representative for the 104th District has decided not to step down from his position. His attorney has suggested on several occasions that the public should extend his client some consideration for his physical problems, opioid addiction.

Addiction takes many forms. The path to recovery can be different for each. But, the first step to recovery requires a recognition by the addicted that they are not in control of their addiction. The addicted must own their behavior and acknowledge the damage done. I support our representative in his step to seek treatment.

However, his lawyer’s expectation that the public overlook his behavior is unsettling. He was elected to represent and serve the public. He was stripped of his obligations to serve by the Republican majority, advised to resign and now the public is asserting their rights calling for his resignation and using their time and energy to organize a petition recall. He is expecting the public to extend him consideration while there is no awareness as to the effect of his behavior on the public good. Mr. Inman, take the first step. Acknowledge that your life is out of control due to the addiction. Step down.

Jane Hayes

Traverse City