Nowhere to run

The nation's economy is in shambles. Michigan's economy is worse, far worse.

Sen. Stabenow has supported Obamacare, the $1 trillion stimulus and the countless regulations that have proven to be ineffective and that have also fueled uncertainty in the minds of our small-business owners.

Yet with all that is at stake in this election, she has announced that she rejects Pete Hoekstra's request to engage in six statewide televised debates at mutually acceptable times and locations.

She wants only to participate in two debates. Stabenow's reluctance to debate reminds me of Martha Reeves "Nowhere to run to, baby."

Bradley L. Comport

Harbor Springs

Mandate for change

Members of Congress are so unpopular, their approval rating of 10 percent is the lowest it's been since WWII.

How does one justify voting to re-elect an incumbent, particularly when re-election is interpreted as a mandate for approval to maintain the current course (of not compromising)?

Our Rep. Benishek, a physician, should have shown leadership in the health care debate.

Instead, he has shown himself to be a rubber-stamp, "just-say-no" foot soldier for his party.

Their obstinate, obstructionist and partisan strategy must end.

We can make this happen in November. Vote for McDowell for a mandate to change.

Klaus Lehrer


Enthusiastic, energetic

In the coming election there are two outstanding young candidates running for the Michigan House of Representatives.

Both of these candidates are ethical, enthusiastic and energetic.

Remember these names and take them to the polls when you vote.

Both Betsie Coffia and Lon Johnson will look out for the interests of northern Michigan voters and the environment.

Both have had experience that qualifies them for leadership positions.

Vote for Betsie Coffia and Lon Johnson.

Lou Ann McKimmy

Rapid City

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