Line 5 risk abatement

I have tried to read everything being published regarding the risks of keeping Line 5 operating and the proposed tunnel solution. I spent my entire career in the beverage business. One characteristic of liquids in pipes is that they are very easily and accurately measured using flow meters. Granted, the flow through Line 5 is much greater than in my industry, but should be as easily measured such that if the flow at the southern exit was less than the northern input (indicating a leak), the flow could be immediately shut down and flushed through with water to minimize the amount of oil entering the Great Lakes. Or, if water was detected in the southern exit indicating a leak, same immediate response.

My point is that I have read very little about what Enbridge has done to offset the risk of a leak to minimize the environmental impact. Perhaps these or other safety systems are already in place and being closely monitored which, if understood by all, could alleviate some of the angst we have concerning a potential leak. I could possibly get behind the tunnel option, if I understood that while being constructed the risk of a leak was truly being minimized.

Joe Buechel


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