Charter school comparison

In reply to the Nov. 8 Another View from the Detroit News:

"Scary Detroit scores make case for charters" is based on a fallacy. What is scary is that it even got past an editorial team in Detroit or here. So the writer at the Detroit News deduced that low test scores in Detroit can be reversed by resorting to the charter school model of education and quotes a charter school researcher, who observed that cities like Washington, D.C. have experienced academic growth because of charter school business models. This is an apple and orange comparison. According to DATAUSA, the median salary in D.C. is $82,372, median house values are $607,200 and the poverty rate is 17.4 percent.

In comparison, Detroit's figures are: $30,344, $50,200 and 37.9 percent. Charter schools are favorable to business majors like Betsy DeVos who can eventually reap large profits, but are not so kind to the poorest citizens who are still left behind because their children don't have to be accepted at a charter school. In the words of our orator-in-chief, the writer's conclusion is bull#$&!. What if our schools all became profit centers for a DeVos corporation? Any problems with that?

Susan Bender

Traverse City

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