Energy thoughts

Steven B. Smiley, an energy economist, wrote a column, published in the Record-Eagle on Oct. 25, about the multi-billion-dollar costs of replacing the aging pipelines that bring natural gas to our homes and other buildings in America.

His solution is to stop using natural gas, propane and even nuclear power and depend on wind and solar and various storage types for that energy.

The problem is that he fails to consider the tens of millions of homes, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, prisons, farms, medical offices, government offices etc. now using natural gas and/or propane for their winter heat — all of which must change their heating systems to those using electricity as well as new stoves and hot water heaters.

I’m sure I have missed many other uses for natural gas and propane, but the uses I have already mentioned that could no longer use those fossil fuels would probably require many thousands of square miles of solar panels and tens of thousands of windmills. And can we all, without exceptions, afford the new furnaces, stoves and hot water heaters?

Lee Zendel

Rochester Hills

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