Ideals and values

Ever notice how some Republicans continue to indulge in the absolute delusion that they are making this country great as they walk all over the ideals and values that made America great? Sadly, they lack the courage to confront the most unethical president in American history but console themselves by attacking those who did.

One way to get to the truth is to get past the lies. Republicans would have you believe that Democrats are all socialists/communists that want to turn America into Venezuela. Republicans can't run for elections based on who they are, and they can't run against who Democrats actually are. Instead, they create pretend versions of the Democrats and try to run against that imaginary opponent.

It's important to remember that those still supporting Trump could be well-meaning people. The problem really is Fox News, an entertainment media, running neck and neck with InfoWars on the truthfulness scale, as well as the rest of right wing media and the propaganda they push.

However, Trump's lawlessness must stop. Impeachment is about restoring honor/integrity to the office of presidency. 

Rich Willing


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