Identity politics

I am replying to Aug. 19 Opinion section and Donna Miller from Traverse City. You have the opinion that "white young men" are connected to shooting disasters. You also say that our president, the Republican Party and NRA are more or less condoning these behaviors — therefore saying that anyone who supports our president has blood on his or her hands. This is called "identity politics," which is all the Liberals can come up with.

Neither our president, Republicans or the NRA had anything to do with these recent shootings. I would be the first person to condemn our president if he was the one person who is calling for these disturbed people to shoot as many people as possible. To blame white supremacy is just asinine. In fact, our president was on television calling out white supremacy and that there is no place for it. To use 2020 Democrat talking points is wrong. Our president wants gun control that works. He doesn't just say something and not do anything about it. Meanwhile, Democrats, who have nothing to run on, are spouting hate speech and the main stream media is doing the same. I believe that you are strongly mistaken.

Gerard Williams


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