Is it about health care?

When the Covid crisis started, we the patients were told to stay home. Our dental, hospital visits, primary care visits, etc. were canceled.

Now the news is telling their readers that we the patients are staying away from our medical facilities, causing financial hardship. We didn't cause this situation. It was caused by a bureaucracy in which federal and local government decided our ability to receive medical care.

As a senior without the necessary equipment to self monitor and video conference at the time, a lot of us lived in fear for our health and demise. Don't put the burden on the seniors. We had the ability to pay with Medicare and supplemental insurance, but couldn't use it no matter how much coverage we had. We felt abandoned by our government and health care providers in a lot of cases and got very little information about anything. It may now be the medical care industry's job to swallow their pride and gain the trust and confidence of the public who does "pay their bills."

Thomas L. Vert

Traverse City

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