How long?

How long before Democrats understand that they are supporting candidates who will not serve the well-being of our nation? How long before liberals stop attacking the Christian faith? How long before economic liberals admit that higher taxes, bigger government and expanded giveaway programs are their goal? How long will liberals fail to speak about the doubling of the national debt under Obama?

They support open borders, law breakers and chaos at border crossings. How long before the party accepts the fact that their witch hunt erodes public and international trust and is a threat to leadership at home and abroad?

How long before liberal voices stop justifying their support for a godless, baby-killing, anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-gun, anti-family, anti-women Socialist platform? How long before democrats realize that this country cannot afford four years of liberals dividing the country and turning citizens against citizens?

Democrats can no longer be trusted to advance the cause of liberty, national security or our rule of law. Republicans are the party of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. President Trump pledges allegiance to the flag, believes that the United States is a power for good in the world and loves this country.

Carole Underwood

Maple City