Make good noise

Our U.S. Big Picture on climate change is ugly. The oil and gas industry — contrary to their public relations message — keep investing in future expansion. The Trump GOP contractually serves the industry and restricts clean energy. We the people are highly accustomed (addicted?) to the convenience and mobility of fossil fuel-based power and energy. Every year, we drive more miles and put more emissions into the atmosphere. Scientists accurately predict a hellish Earth, and call for big changes. Within 10 to 15 years.

But it’s simply not happening here, not beginning to happen. What to do?

Please consider this: Contact friends who share this sense of urgency and start up a group. Most of us have many other responsibilities, but group activity spreads the effort and produces better results and more fun than working alone. Decide together what you say and do. Write letters. Carry signs. Educate and inform. Confront politicians, public officials, power companies, business-as-usual folks — even basically like-minded organizations that don’t focus enough on the climate issue. Make good noise.

Need info and inspiration? Look up Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Greta Thunberg and many others. Let’s get this thing moving!

Ron Tschudy

Central Lake

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