Parents and schools

In the Nov. 8, 2019, Record-Eagle, there was an article reprinted from the Detroit News under the "Another View" heading. The article told of the low test scores from the Detroit schools compared to the entire nation and covered details that pertained to public and charter schools. Efforts have not succeeded yet in either school system to improve scores.

The article quoted Secretary DeVos as saying “We can neither excuse them away nor simply throw more money at the problem.”

I agree. We keep focusing on the wrong problem. When parents are paying attention every day, scores will improve in any school. I understand there are places where mothers are playing all the family roles and are stretched to watch homework schedules daily, but my point is that children perform to expectations and the on-going, everyday persistence of the parents does more than any new math curriculum to improve performance.

Too many people, notably our elected officials, focus our attention on the lack of more funds. We must encourage all parents to take a daily interest is what their children are learning. Let’s see our elected leaders promote that. Let’s demand our news media do the same.

Dennis Stevanus

Traverse City

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