Impeachment witnesses

Make America principled again! It is true that there is a political component to the impeachment process. There has been and will always be a politics involved in impeachments. It is also apparent that the House witnesses believe that we and our children are at risk if future presidents can act as our president does. Let’s not let other issues distract us. This is a critical question that affects our future.

If senators do not vote to hear from Bolton and other witnesses who can tell us the truth, it will be a sure sign that they want to ignore the facts for political reasons and they will be as “political” as they have accused others of being!

Senators, if you really want to make America great again, then reject party politics and give us the witnesses and documents. Hiding the facts only further convinces me that you have already concluded that our president acted solely for his personal benefit and that he risked our national security in doing so. We voters need to know the truth to vote responsibly when the time comes. Show your faith in us. Vote for witnesses. It’s time to make America’s politics principled again!

Lynnette Rhodes

Traverse City

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