Imagine you knew an adult whose preferred engagement with opposition amounted to playground insults. Imagine he lied daily. Imagine he bragged about sexual assault and paid off adult film stars to hide extramarital affairs. Now imagine he’s an elected official. Imagine he unabashedly conflated his interests with his constituents’. Imagine he referred to inconvenient Constitutional Clauses as “phony.” Now imagine he’s president of the United States.

Imagine he denigrated the free press and envied authoritarian regimes. Imagine he publicly sided with our central geopolitical adversary over his own intelligence agencies. Imagine the FBI found that he repeatedly obstructed justice and the evidence was sufficiently compelling that 700 former federal prosecutors claimed they would have charged him with a crime. Imagine non-partisan, career public servants presented corroborated accounts of him leveraging taxpayer dollars to pressure a foreign state to investigate his primary domestic political rival. Imagine you begin to see a resemblance between this hypothetical man and a real-life president.

Imagine your impulse is to then dismiss this letter out-of-hand. Imagine you do so but then you remember this real-life president said of you this: I could shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue and you’d still vote for me.

Taylor Nash

Traverse City

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