Polls and students

I had the pleasure and honor to work the polls for the November statewide election. Even though it was a cold blustery day, the vast majority of voters in Precinct 10 walked in with smiles on their faces. My heart soared when moms, dads or both parents brought their children so they could see firsthand how our democracy works. Although there were not longs lines, when people did have to wait to receive their ballots, they were happy to wait — no complainers.

When the polls closed, our precinct leaders immediately locked down the voting machine. To ensure voter integrity, the process of securing the data is extensive and observed by all the precinct workers. In my opinion, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to commit voter fraud in Michigan.

Many polling places are located in schools. Understandably, but unfortunately, schools are closed statewide on election days — times have changed. My children are TCAPS grads and had to take civics. Wouldn't it be beneficial to have TCAPS require four volunteer hours at the polls in order to graduate? Democracy works when the maximum population participates. What better way than having 18-year-olds see that in person? Just a thought.

Rorie Lewis

Traverse City

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