Gravel Hog Day?

The Homestead Inland Joint Planning Committee delayed their gravel pit decision again. Why? The applicant hired a new consultant.

Neighbors trusted township ordinances when purchasing their property and expect fair enforcement. The applicant purchased a parcel zoned Rural Residential. Only he thinks this is a perfect spot for a gravel pit.

More than 100 people voiced reasoned disapproval at the first hearing. Despite the applicant’s attorney’s assertion that “Inland Township cannot prohibit a gravel mining operation,” the commissioners now know they definitely can say no.

September’s meeting (attended by more than 120 people) was a fiasco. The “land expert” asked “What type of information would you like to see from us with this project in order for you to make a better decision?” The commissioners gave a list and 54 extra days. In October, the zoning administrator pushed for further delays, then on Nov. 5 gave another month. What special consideration will be allowed next?

Given the very serious consequences this unnecessary gravel mine would create, the commissioners have all they need to make an informed decision. Neighbors expect ordinances to mean what they say. Tell the commissioners to vote “no” regarding this special use permit at

Jim Brouwer

Friends of the Platte River Watershed

Benzie County

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