Misdirected outrage

I believe most of the TCAPS board of education works in the best interests of our students.

It's been said several times the differences between the board and Ann Cardon could likely have been worked out had Erica Moon-Mohr not chosen to fashion herself as a "whistleblower" and start a war of which Ms. Cardon didn't approve. The board has the duty to make demands of the superintendent. It is not bullying if you don't like what or how something was said.

Please don't let the TCAPS (Team5) Transparency group confuse the issue. Ann Cardon requested a closed meeting. Erica Moon-Mohr broke the law, her oath of school board office and her signed standards of practice and ignored Ms. Cardon's wishes for her own directed agenda. A recall will be from our taxes at $20,000 per trustee, not from fundraising.

I hope to see a corrected recall drive targeting Erica Moon-Mohr or her resignation from the TCAPS board as well as an investigation by the prosecutor's office. Perhaps Ann Cardon would still be here.

Lisa Brodeur

Traverse City

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