Where is the outrage?

Donald Trump’s entire life and career has lacked any respect for the law, whether in his real estate dealings or his anti-minorities practices since the 1970s. He flouts the law with no regard for the truth or even reality, which is demonstrated daily in his hundreds of tweets and thousands of lies. He has spent his life enriching himself, promoting his own brand and caring for nobody but Donald Trump. These traits would inevitably collide against morality and the proper role of the president.

The 2016 election was a “change” election and probably ANY Republican would have won against an establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, the Republicans chose Trump for their candidate. In his presidency, Trump has demonstrated a toxic combination of amorality and indifference. Many who worked for him in his administration were alarmed by his unstable behavior, in public and in private. What is most alarming and troubling is that so many Republicans still “stand by their man,” despite the mounting evidence of corruption and his unfitness for the presidency. Even senior foreign service officers who oppose his corrupt practices are targeted with campaigns to smear their reputations and remove them after decades of devoted service. Where is the outrage?

Joan Blount


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