Cruise industry

Great to see the photos of cruise ships in Grand Traverse Bay. Aside from being a boon to TC tourism, modern cruise ships are probably the most fuel efficient way to move people. It is also a way to get more tourists into TC without further clogging the highways.

Smart planners from TC should be carefully studying towns like Ketchikan, Alaska; Bar Harbor, Maine and Victoria, BC to see what positive (and negative) effects heavy cruise traffic will bring to TC. Those towns have been transformed by cruise traffic. There are millions of folks who are addicted (yes, addicted) to this way of travel.

Traverse City and northern Michigan will become a popular destination in the future. We should be planning now to capitalize on that future. Cruisers will want to take bus trips to the Sand Dunes, to our beaches, our light houses and wine tasting venues. TC planners in the 50s knew our airport would be key to the future success of our area. Today we need to plan for the development of the cruise port of Traverse City in the year 2050. Trust me; they will come from all over the world!

Richard Swan

Reno, Nevada

TCHS Class of 1961

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