Questions for the Left

Why was there talk of impeachment the day after the 2016 election? Why are thousands of manufacturing jobs returning to the USA after Obama said Trump would need a magic wand to do so? Why is unemployment so low? Why have wages risen? Why are so many off welfare? Why are other NATO countries beginning to pay the amount they should be paying?

Why did CO2 emissions go down after we left the Paris Accord? Why haven't the oceans risen as Al Gore said they would? Why are there more polar bears now than ever before? Why aren't India and China trying to decrease CO2 emissions like people want the USA to do? Why does the Philippines pollute far greater than we do, yet we ban straws? Why do some want to ban oil yet we have 240 million registered vehicles and plastic is in almost everything we manufacture?

Why doesn't the press publish good news about our country and its economy? Why does the press print 96 percent of its news as negative to our president? I forgot; he's a Republican/conservative.

Fred Stoye

Traverse City

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