Not again, please!

It is wonderful that people like coming to Traverse City, but this is madness. What a mess! It was a “you can’t get there from here” mess. State highway U.S. 31 shut down. Coming from Acme, hoping to turn left into Traverse City, you find you can’t. No left turn even when U.S. 31 turns south. Yes, you can turn left when you get to the light where M-72 takes you west. But that — and a lot of vehicles from Suttons Bay who must turn west — leaves all of you a dozen or more miles west of Traverse City before the state police allowed you to turn south.

Enough! But that is not all. If you are downtown, you cannot even get to the Woodmere library except by first going south all the way to South Airport Road.

Please no more Ironman until U.S. 31 can remain open in all directions.

William Allin Storrer

Traverse City

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