Response to ‘election integrity’

As a conservative, I have become accustomed to various phrases being used often by many sources, some of which reach many people. The mentioned opinion from Jan. 3 continued the attack on President Trump for involvement in the 2016 election. I would point out that any such activity mentioned would have occurred during the Obama administration and though the House impeachment vote accuses President Trump of two things, perhaps there is more to know about the previous president’s knowledge. Even then, who will report the story?

The opinion said the president and Putin were BFF. The Russians have been assaulting the Ukraine for a long time and President Trump has offered aid to them every year. President Obama did not. From that, who would you say is Putin’s BFF?

Many accusations have been aimed at our president. He has addressed our border issue, invigorated our economy, improved our trade deal with Mexico/Canada, made huge improvements in our trade deals with China and did it all with no support from the press. You will find flaws in some personal decisions but he is a patriot and perhaps he should be more correctly accused of getting things done.

Dennis Stevanus

Traverse City

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