Misleading photo

I was really disappointed in the misleading picture of Terry Starr on the front page Sept. 19. If I didn’t know better, I would think he was a hard, uncaring individual — which is far from the truth. It is not an image of the caring and fine person he is. When he was in the Elk Rapids School District, he knew the name of every child in the building.

All school employees are required by law to report any charges of suspicious or inappropriate conduct toward a student by any staff member or parent that come to their attention, even if the source is anonymous. They can actually go to jail if they don’t. Someone reported a possible abuse situation in Elk Rapids. No charges were brought.

So who’s trying to make a crime out of what school employees are obligated by law to do? With an enrollment of 384 High school students in a community of 1,614 people, anyone could have written an anonymous complaint so how come only Mr. Starr’s handwriting is being reviewed by handwriting experts, who pointed the finger at him, and why?

Mary Skarnulis

Rapid City

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