Triathlon traffic 

I came to Traverse City on Aug. 25 to do a job on the north side of M-72. I arrived to find that the eastbound side of 72 was closed. We needed to go west but weren’t allowed to cross the eastbound lane. An officer said that if we went toward Gray Road, we should be able to cross over 72. Got down to Goodrich Road and was told by state police that it was closed all the way to Empire.

On the way back to the truck, two other drivers stopped and asked what I was told. One driver couldn't get to work because they wouldn't let anyone cross when it was clear of bicyclists. Another was a Barney Castle truck. We were told it would be another 2 hours and was 11 a.m.

I don't understand why traffic wasn’t allowed to cross when there were no bikes present. I lost money for work. I’m hoping the lady who wasn't allowed to cross in front of us didn't lose her job. If they do this again, I hope they realize they can't close off the Peninsula again. People still work on Sundays in that area and the event affected income for them.

Cynthia Ruhf


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