Coup attempt

The dark and deep concerns of Trump’s Republican Party come from primal fears. What’s driving this desperation is the reality that America is not a static white European project controllable only by money, clandestine politics and religion. It turns out that the Constitution that frames their albinistic civic model is causing problems and has become a clear and present danger. Their innermost originalist thoughts conclude that the founders never envisioned a republic of diverse citizens (“WE the ‘white’ people”?), even though its language explicitly prescribes just that. The Trump party’s conclusion is that the Constitution offers rights to minorities and commoners that endanger their supremacy. But times have changed and America is now a diverse, increasingly latte society. The Constitution is a threat to that reality, making partisan Supreme Court appointments live or die imperatives in their minds. These deep-brain misgivings have activated a fight-or-flight response among its followers. This makes Trump the perfect vehicle for them: Halt brown immigration at all costs, gerrymander unlikely supporters and ignore the fundamental separation of powers. Stay in control by every possible means. They believe that their ends justify any methodology, comrade.

Phil Robinson


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