Citizens’ wishes

Once again, four members of the Grand Traverse County Commission have defied the public will, this time in order to pass a resolution in support of Enbridge’s pipeline under Lake Michigan. On the same day the Record-Eagle posted that news, it also reported a massive pipeline gas leak in North Dakota of “hundreds of thousands” larger than what was initially reported and which will take decades to clear up. And that one wasn’t under the Straits of Mackinac. In 2016 by substantial majorities, Michigan voters voted for and elected the candidates for the highest offices who supported closing Line 5.

And yet four of our commissioners even rejected the expertise of one of their fellow members with lifetime professional experience with steel, Mr. Wheelock, asserted he “he ‘can’t possibly believe’ that Line 5” is still structurally sound. But why would those four commissioners listen to him when they won’t listen to the people of their state or county? Who is it that they are really representing?

Gilda Povolo

Traverse City

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