Sensible gun control measures

Six years ago, the State of New York enacted laws limiting the sale of assault weapons and firearm magazines with a capacity exceeding 10 rounds. The state also instituted universal background checks to ensure that guns don’t reach the hands of the mentally ill. The number of injuries because of firearms in New York has decreased, hunters and others continue to legally possess and use their guns and most importantly, no mass shootings have taken place.

In District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), the Supreme Court stated that gun control measures such as those taken in New York don’t violate the Second Amendment. Still, the NRA continues to tell us otherwise. This is because the NRA represents gun manufacturers, not hunters and other gun owners. Like any other advertiser, the NRA will tell us anything to sell more guns.

Many of our legislators — both state and federal — receive hefty campaign contributions from the NRA and other anti-gun control groups, and of course, something is expected in return. The main factors stopping the passage of sensible gun-control laws are corporate greed and the lawmakers’ desire for re-election

It costs us the lives of our children and grandchildren, and it makes no sense.

Gary C. Petty


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