Line 5

You see the signs everywhere — all with the rally cry of “shut it down” — yet there is a major problem in that it will not happen anytime in the near future. Why? Because the pipeline is an extremely profitable operation that supplies a necessary commodity to some geographically and logistically difficult areas.

As someone who has worked in the oil and gas industry, I can tell you that the vast majority of those in the industry are environmentally and safety aware and look to improve every day. They develop new and better technology and strategies daily to protect the triple bottom line of people, planet and profits. When it comes to Line 5, the current outcry is not helping the situation, but causing the company and investors to counteract the publicity and focus efforts on legal issues rather than the real problems.

The best solution is to stop steeping the company with legal issues to shut down the pipeline, because it will not happen for reasons already stated, but to force the company to start implementing new technology and replace aging sections of the line that will help prevent leaking.

Become proactive in a viable solution.

Chris Pelvin


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