Housing shortage

The housing market is facing a multitude of problems, and many of them are due to issues that go back to the market collapse in 2008 when so many people left the area. We face a housing shortage that has been projected will take 10 years of building to catch up. The problem is that we do not have the labor force to sustain the pace needed to build new homes. I keep hearing about legislation to stop short term rentals, etc. Yet policies like this will not do much to help the problem. Instead of being a place for a tourist to rent, it will sit empty as a vacation home for the investors to visit when they feel like it, or it will be rented out regardless of a ban.

No, the only solution to the problem is to find ways to attract workers and young families to the area. We need skilled workers to help even out the labor pool, thereby reducing build costs which will allow for the construction of affordable housing that the area so desperately needs. The big question is how do we attract a labor pool that can't afford to live in the area?

Chris Pelvin


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