Some Northport eyes wide shut

“Pro-cannabis group makes good showing in Northport” (Oct. 5, 2019). Yet, too many weed store supporters were not villagers. Additionally, in referencing Prop 18-1 that decriminalized recreational weed, you write: “In Northport the measure passed on a margin of 74 percent." True, but this vote saw unprecedented ballot falloff.

In 2018, 376 Northport villagers came in the front door of the polling station while an overwhelming 161 voters abruptly left out the back door without voting on weed decriminalization. Yes, 43 percent of villagers who cast their ballots NEVER voted on Prop 18-1.

Thus, 215 village voters decided the issue, leaving 159 villagers voting YES to decriminalize weed. Ultimately, only 42 percent of the 376 voters favored decriminalizing weed while the remaining 58 percent never voted on Prop 18-1 or voted no.

Today presents a different question: Do Northporters favor weed stores in their village?

Weed store supporters must be candid with themselves. Facts matter. Yes, 74 percent of villagers WHO BOTHERED TO VOTE favored decriminalization. But this does NOT mean the majority of villagers are clamoring for weed stores in their town. NIMBY is alive and well in Northport, unless you keep your eyes wide shut.

Tom Oehmke


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