TCAPS Transparency

In the Jan. 18 article surrounding the TCAPS Board recall efforts, I disagree that the TCAPS Transparency efforts are the “vocal minority” but rather a majority desiring the critical Board oversight that the community previously lacked the mechanism or resources to accomplish. This valiant effort is essential. Our community should not have to fight for the transparency that belongs to us as taxpayers, yet we inexplicably find that we must. This board and this district require outside thinking and sunlight to expose the practices that drain the cooperative spirit — not to mention financial resources — meant to provide education for the students of this community. TCAPS Transparency and independent journalism have exposed the corruption and arrogance of this board. Change is needed, and we must act if the board will not.

To the board members who voted to hire Ann Cardon: You have lost the community’s faith and trust, and with them your mandate. You can no longer effectively govern, but your next action will determine much of your legacy. Regain a measure of respect for yourselves by showing some to our community and our children. Let us move on by doing the necessary thing: resign.

Lisa Nicolaou

Traverse City

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